Wednesday, August 24, 2011

West Seattle Crime Watch: More details on pellet-gun arrests

My take on this whole thing is that parents need to step up and teach responsibility and safety in the use of Airsoft guns to their children. If the kids don't comply then they take away their guns until they are 18 and move out on their own. It would be nice not to have to deal with stuff like this tearing down our beloved sport, but alas, there area always a few fools out there to ruin the fun for everyone.

Proper Airsoft safety should be observed by everyone using Airsoft guns. Never shoot them out in the public...I just thought that was common sense. But I guess it is not because kids continually pull these kinds of stunts. Almost as bad are the innocent kids playing Airsoft in their front yards, or in the local wash or woods. They don't know it but when someone sees them and doesn't know what they are doing, they will call the police because they have guns. If you want to play outside, play in a fenced in back yard, inform the police that you will be in the wash or woods if your laws allow you to play on public land, better yet, only play at designated Airsoft fields. To learn more about Airsoft safety and ways you can support our sport visit the Airsoft Safety Foundation.

Well, you can read the story below about three idiots who lack common sense.

West Seattle Crime Watch: More details on pellet-gun arrests
Courtesy of West Seattle Blog
We’ve finally obtained the report on the drive-by pellet-gun-shooting arrests first reported here last week, when police arrested three 17-year-old boys after two people reported getting hit in Arbor Heights. Read on for the narrative, including one suspect allegedly admitting to police they had done this before:
This is a transcription of the police report, except for names and specific addresses; we are referring to the three suspects as Suspects 1, 2, and 3. (We usually do not identify any suspects who are not charged, and we will usually not identify suspects under 18 unless they are charged as adults.):
On August 18th at 2245 hours [the officer who wrote the report] responded to (11400 block of 37th SW) where (the victim) called in to report he had been shot in the chest by people in a vehicle. (He) told Dispatch it must have been a BB gun he was shot with and described the vehicle as a dark-colored 4-door, possibly a Nissan. (He) was unable to see inside the vehicle to see what the occupants looked like but could tell there were three people inside. At 2251 hours (another victim) called in to report he was walking at 35th/114th when he was shot at with a pellet or BB gun, again from people in a vehicle. (He) described the vehicle was a black Honda accord type vehicle that left NB on 35th SW. (He) also described two passengers as white males around 18-22 years old with short hair.
(An acting sergeant) saw a dark-colored vehicle driving northbound on 35th SW as he entered the vicinity of the call and also saw there were three occupants inside, all who matched the description of white males 18-22 with short hair. The vehicle was stopped at 10200 35th SW and (Suspects 1, 2, 3) were removed from the vehicle and an AR15 style airsoft rifle was removed as well. Suspect 1 was driving the vehicle with Suspect 2 in the passenger seat and Suspect 3 was in the back seat. The airsoft rifle was in the back seat with Suspect 3 and was covered up by a sweatshirt with the squirt gun filled with soda. All three were taken into custody at the scene. I asked Suspects 2 and 3 who was shooting the rifle and Suspect 2 said it wasn’t him. When I turned the question toward Suspect 3 he immediately stated he wanted a lawyer. I did not ask him any further questions pertaining to the investigation.
The report goes on to say the two victims were brought to the scene of the stop and identified the suspects and/or the vehicle. It continues:
(The three suspects) were all read their Miranda warning and transported to the Southwest Precinct from the scene. (An officer) impounded the vehicle at the scene.
Once at the SW Precinct (suspect 1) and (suspect 2) gave written statements. According to Suspect 1, this is not the first time they had driven around while Suspect 3 shoots at things from inside the vehicle with his airsoft rifle. Suspect 1 stated they had probably shot about 4-5 people that he knew about including the 2 people tonight. Tonight he was driving around with Suspect 2 and they picked up Suspect 3 from a house he was watching at around 9:10 pm. They went to McDonald’s, got food, then headed to the Arbor Heights area approximately an hour after he picked up Suspect 3. When they got in the area, Suspect 3 began shooting cars and when he would see a person he would ask if he should shoot them. Suspect 1 stated he didn’t answer and Suspect 3 would shoot at the people anyway. They drove around for an hour shooting cars, signs and people for an hour before being stopped by the police. Suspect 1 stated it was always Suspect 3 with the airsoft rifle and he was always the driver.
Suspect 2 said the same thing as Suspect 1 but could not remember any time frame. When they picked up Suspect 3, Suspect 2 knew he had the airsoft rifle and figured he had it so they could shoot at people. This was the second time Suspect 2 was with Suspect 1 and Suspect 3 while shooting at people. Suspect 2 was in the front passenger seat and did not know what Suspect 3 was shooting at but could hear the sounds of the gun firing. Suspect 2 stated he had a squirt gun full of soda he was squirting cars and signs. He stated he squirted soda at the pizza delivery boy … right before Suspect 3 shot him with the airsoft rifle. Suspect 2 could not remember much of the night, stating it was a blur.
(An officer) took a picture of the (pizza delivery person’s) injury. (An acting sergeant) submitted the photos, the airsoft rifle, two banana-style magazines, bb container, 1000 bb’s, and the squirt gun into evidence. Within the last few weeks there have been several calls about people being shot at from a bb gun and described the vehicle as a dark-colored 4-door.
All three were released to parents or guardians at the Southwest Precinct.
The report notes that police request charges of assault be filed against the three suspects. As of yesterday, the case had not yet been referred to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office; we are checking again today and will continue to check.

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