Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Electric EP Racing Boat

The 28 Inch Electric EP Racing Boat is a popular boat among beginners and experts for completely different reasons. Beginners love that it is easy to control, tremendously powerful, and highly affordable. Experts love the durability of the components, the large stable hull, and of course the affordability. In the world of RC boats, EP Racing boat is a name that most everyone is familiar with. You would be hard pressed to find an enthusiast that hasn’t piloted some variation of EP Racing Boat, and now Hobbytron offers a 28 inch ready to run variant with some impressive power.

The EP Racing Boat is an excellent boat for beginners for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being its vector-push design. Vector-push design means that instead of the boat’s steering being performed by a rudder, it is performed simply by cutting power to one of the two propellers. Vector-push design tends to be simpler to control than traditional design with a rudder. The EP Racing boat also comes equipped with an extremely powerful 380 type racing motor and can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH. At 28 inches long it’s a stable ship and you can use this boat anywhere you want. You aren’t limited to the backyard pool but can rather operate the boat in rivers, lakes, or anywhere else you can think of. The actuating mechanism is 100% metal and the propellers are extremely durable as well. The battery pack is a 7.2V NiCd. 

Experts love the EP Racing Boat mostly because it is affordable. It is a sturdy shell that they can basically rip everything out of and replace. It’s a hugely popular platform for customization and if you just look around the internet for a while you can find masses of videos and forum posts from people who have made drastic modifications to EP Racing boats. These can range from larger batteries and engines to additional propellers, body modifications, and everything in between. Because of the low price of the boat you don’t take too much of a loss discarding the old internals. Some people have even done complete internal swaps from other boats. You could call it the Honda Civic of RC racing boats. Even if you are buying the 28 Inch Electric EP Racing Boat as your first boat, you know that down the line it will be a sturdy enough platform to upgrade. The EP Racing boat could be the only boat you ever buy, and it would keep you busy as well. 

Regardless of your level of experience, I would recommend the EP Racing Boat to anybody based solely on the price. You can have all kinds of fun with it because it goes 20 MPH, and everybody knows top speed is the only important statistic anyway. It also sprays a pretty dang satisfying rooster tail as it zips around your surface of choice. And you will never get bored with this boat. If you get bored of the vector-push design, you can put a rudder on it. If 20 MPH becomes too slow, you can get a more powerful engine. Down the road you can upgrade the 28 Inch Electric EP Racing Boat to be basically as powerful and high-tech as you want, which is what really makes it such great value for money.

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