Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sky Knight 9101 Electric Gyro RC Helicopter

In the world of 3 channel Gyro helicopters the Sky Knight rules the skies. It is the pretty much the biggest gyro helicopter we have before you get in to the really huge helicopters for outdoor use only.  The Sky Knight is actually intended to be an outdoor helicopter, but is small enough that you can still fly inside if you have a very large, open area. For a look at what gyro technology actually does in an RC helicopter you can check the blog post we did on the PhantomS107, but it mostly makes flying much, much easier for beginners. A gyro adds a level of stability that makes learning to fly RC helicopters a more pleasant experience. The Sky Knight 9101 puts gyro technology in a very large helicopter that is 31 inches long by 10.5 inches high, which for reference is about the size of Toto in The Wizard of Oz.

When flying your small dog, you may notice that it is easy and enjoyable. This is the gyro at work. After a simple trim adjustment the Sky Knight 9101 will go pretty much wherever you tell it to in a stable and consistent manner with little drama. The large size of this helicopter means environmental forces won’t affect it very much. You should still fly on calm days whenever possible, and never fly in extreme or hazardous conditions, but a light breeze will not affect the Sky Knight much at all. It can also fly to heights of around 160 feet and the remote has a range of well over 300 feet. With this helicopter you can fly anywhere you want, and 3 channel control means it can go up, down, left, right, forward, backward, and hover. It also has LED lights so you can fly at “knight”. That was pun, try to keep up.

The frame is painted black which actually makes it more sought after by RC enthusiasts, frames are usually just chrome and the black paint gives the Sky Knight an aggressive “stealth” look. The canopy has gone over well with the RC community as well, and I agree it is very appealing. A carbon fiber style finish on certain components is like icing on the cake, and all these combine to make a very attractive helicopter. Like most of Hobbytron’s 3 channel gyro helicopters, the Sky Knight 9101’s frame is constructed of lightweight metal and is extremely durable. The Sky Knight is a large, heavy helicopter and crashes might not go down so well with certain components, but the frame is solid as a rock and you would have a hard time trying to break it. Seeing as the Sky Knight is hobby grade, all of the parts can be found and replaced easily. Most of the repairs are simple and can be done yourself with only a small screwdriver. 

The Sky Knight is the perfect helicopter if you are looking for a 3 channel outdoor gyro helicopter. It’s basically the cheapest one you can get that is made specifically for outdoor use, the larger helicopters like the Colossus are more expensive, and smaller helicopters like the Legend 9050 will be more affected by environmental constraints. It has more features than any similar helicopter in its class, and extremely durable components. I would recommend it for beginners or anyone looking for a 3 channel gyro helicopter for outdoor use.

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