Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Wolf Off-Road Electric RC Truggy

Truggy is a hot word around the RC community right now, it’s a vehicle that is currently seeing a major surge in popularity. Truggys are similar to buggys except they are based on a truck instead of a Volkswagen Beatle. In the RC world buggies tend to be just slightly faster but are also slightly harder to control, and many of the people in the know claim that truggys are just more fun. They are extremely hard to flip, they do not bottom out much, and they handle jumps very well. This is due to a low center of gravity, large off-road tires, and independent suspension. The Wild Wolf RC Truggy is an entry-level truggy that comes at an affordable price and anyone can pick up and use right out of the box.

The Wild Wolf has many features that allow it to go anywhere at any time. Fully working plastic independent suspension is chief among these features, and it really does let the Wild Wolf handle almost anything you can throw at it. Big off-road tires help with this as well and they add traction in sand or other loose surfaces. The Wild Wolf’s light weight also helps a lot on these loose surfaces. I took my Wild Wolf to a local national park and was able to conquer anything I came across. For an entry level RC vehicle I was very impressed with how well it handled large rocks and sand. The suspension is tremendously springy and coupled with the off-road tires soaks up bumps like nothing. The front and rear bumpers are nice as well, they made me feel safe from accidentally jamming a rock in to the internals because they are attached like skid plates. They also stop the Wild Wolf’s body from being destroyed when you land hard after a big jump.

The Wild Wolf would make a great truggy for anyone looking for a first RC car, because it has an affordable price and is simple to run. There is no assembly required and they even give you a 9V battery for the remote and a small screwdriver, so you literally have everything you need right in the box. The remote itself is a very simple pistol grip design, no extra crazy knobs or anything to fiddle with.  Just pull the trigger and turn the wheel to steer, you’re on your way. Of course you can push the trigger forward to go in reverse, do J turns, or whatever else you can come up with. The Wild Wolf features a Lexan hobby style body as well, which means if you break the body or just get tired of the colors, you can switch it out for a new one. Or you can take off the body and run it naked, although it does look a little funny.

For an entry level RC car the Wild Wolf Truggy gives you a plethora of options. Many entry level off-road RC vehicles look like they would be capable of tough going, but lack the features to back up the visual claim. The Wild Wolf actually has fully working suspension and bumpers, and big, heavy traction tires. So it can actually go off-road like it’s supposed to, and is just a lot of fun. The first time you send it careening over a jump you’ll realize that you made a good decision. 

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