Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Police Will Respond -- Airsoft: Be Smart

It seems that every day I run across some news about people being stupid with Airsoft guns. If you have an Airsoft gun be smart. Remember, safety first...keep the stupidity in the privacy of your own home.

If it looks real, like nearly all Airsoft guns do, then the police will treat you as though it is real.

If your kids do anything like this, then it is time to step up as a parent and teach them how to properly handle Airsoft Guns. Read here for more information on that.

These guns look pretty real to me...and they will look real to any policeman as well. Just be smart for the sake of the rest of us who love the sport.

Boys playing with fake guns get arrested for real by cops


Walking down the road with a machine gun, real or replica, is a good way to risk staring down a group of RCMP gun barrels.

That was the message from Campbell River RCMP Monday after a 'high-risk take down' of three boys with toy guns early Sunday morning.

Police were called at 1: 57 a.m. Sunday after somebody saw a male, dressed in black clothing, carrying a machine gun and walking down Spit Road. Police responded with guns drawn, only to find three boys, aged 13, 15 and 16, who were playing with 'airsoft' pellet guns. The toy guns are normally clear and/or have orange muzzles, but these guns, three handguns and an assault rifle, had been blacked out.
Police say the boys weren't injured during the high-risk take down. Fortunately the boys put the guns down in the grass just before police arrived. They were arrested for possession of weapons dangerous to the public and possession of imitation firearms.

The police are reminding the public that toy guns look realistic to police, especially at night, and especially when the orange muzzles have been blacked out. This is the second call of this sort of nature in a few weeks, causing police to be on high alert and tying up police resources.

It is scary for the public to be arrested at gun point by police and it is scary for police to attend to these sorts of calls. Police believe the guns are real until proven otherwise.

(See original article here.)

Teens Arrested With Airsoft Guns!

Campbell River, Canada: Three teenagers (aged 13, 15 and 16) risked their lives by showing their Airsoft guns in public after painting them black.

The Police received a complaint of a male that was dressed in all black clothing walking down a road carrying a machine gun. The local police responded and located three youths matching this description. The officers took them into custody.

“In this instance the youths put the weapons down in the grass just prior to police arrival, and there were no injuries. But police had their guns drawn, and there was “potential for lethal oversight,” according to Sgt. Craig Massey of the Campbell River RCMP.”

The teenagers produced four airsoft guns, three hand guns where the orange tip was “removed” and one clear Airsoft rifle that they painted it black.

They were arrested for possession of imitation firearms and possession of weapons dangerous to the public. However restorative justice is being considered, as the youths have no history of criminal records and fully cooperated with police.

That's just another example that supports the theses, that SB 798, as a law that forces Airsoft guns to be neon colored, will never change anything, because the endless stupidity of people can't be prohibited by any law.

Source: Campbell River Morror, Postmedia News

By - World Airsoft News - Read full article:

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