Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Electric Mini RC Buggy

The Electric 1:52 Scale Mini Buggy is one of the biggest sellers we have at HobbyTron because everybody can use it. You don’t need any RC experience to have a lot of fun with the Mini Buggy, and it is suitable for ages 3 and up so it’s great for kids. It comes in 4 different colors and body styles. Mine is light blue and says “BANDOG” down the side.  I don’t know what a bandog is but it’s painted well and has a lot of detail for a 1:52 scale model, it even has little chrome exhaust pipes underneath. The box it comes in doubles as a display case as well so you can display the Mini Buggy proudly in your house. Mine sits on top of the TV. This buggy is only 5 inches long and fits in the palm of your hand so you can bring it anywhere with you. The antenna screws out of the controller to make that more compact as well, and fits nicely in a purse or bag. The Mini Buggy only takes 5 minutes to charge and plugs right in to the controller, so you can pull it out anywhere and start having fun. Kids love the Mini Buggy, I brought it to my daycare class and the only problem was them fighting over who got to use it next! You can also run four of them at the same time and race your friends, which is very fun. I’m not sure which color is the fastest so you’ll have to find out yourself. 

The Mini Buggy has real working suspension and rubber tires, and the back tires have spikes in them to help get you through loose surfaces. It also has automatic headlights that turn on when you go forward, so you can actually use the Mini Buggy in the dark if you want. Just by pressing down on the body you can tell that the suspension is very bouncy and it doesn’t have any trouble with dirt or asphalt. You can even drive this buggy over jumps which is fun, I made one out of a binder and the Mini Buggy handled it very well. The instruction manual says that if you take a turn at full speed you can accidentally flip the Mini Buggy over, but I tried a lot and am happy to report that it stayed on all four wheels the whole time. I actually tried a lot of things to flip it over and wasn’t able to, the top is kind of round so it always gets back on to its wheels.

I’m not going to lie, I had much more fun with the Mini Buggy than I was expecting. Its faster than I expected, going about 10mph on the right surfaces. You get about 10 minutes of racing on the 5 minute charge which is very good for an RC car. The range on the controller is supposedly 15-25 meters, and I got about 50 feet indoors with no problems which is really impressive for an RC car in this price range. Most cars in this price range can’t even go off-road, let alone everywhere.  I tested the Mini buggy on carpet, rock, dirt, asphalt, glass, and wood, and couldn’t find a terrain that stumped it. This is probably the most versatile 1:52 scale RC car I’ve ever used. 

I would recommend the Mini Buggy to anyone that wants a simple, fun RC car they can bring anywhere and use anytime. I would especially recommend it for children because it isn’t hard to use and they seem to really love it. The working suspension, rubber tires, working headlights, and tough construction really set it apart from other RC cars in the same price range, and I don’t really think you could get a better deal anywhere as far as the amount of technology packed in to this cute little guy. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with a 1:52 scale RC car and is probably the most advanced one I’ve seen as well. I can’t wait for it to finish charging!

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