Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Police Swat Team Training with Airsoft

Monday was no holiday for the Missoula Police Department's SWAT team. The 18 member crew spent the day training, with lifelike Airsoft weapons.
The SWAT team was able to use the Missoula City Life Community Center's airsoft facility on Monday afternoon to do some of their drills.

The room was set up to replicate a house and SWAT team members went room to room looking for suspects.
Police say the Airsoft weapons are similar to the ones they carry in real situations and this helps make training more realistic.

"The nice thing about airsoft is it gives you immediate feed back, as in if you get hit in the right spot, it's going to hurt," says Sgt. John Weber, Missoula Police SWAT Team Leader.
18 officers make up the team and they train once a month. Weapons they used at today's training shoot pellets at 350-FPS (feet per second), and officers say even though they are Airsoft BBs, they have to wear protective gear.

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