Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jing Gong M4: The People's Airsoft Gun

Occasionally products in various industries assume the moniker of “the people’s”. One of the first to use this tag was Volkswagen, which literally means “people’s car” in German. Since then terms like “the people’s bank” and “the people’s jeans” have been used by marketing whizzes to describe things that are useful to the common man. In many cases the phrase is used when a particular product is accessible to those who could otherwise not afford to use products of its type.
Today I’ve decided to bestow this title upon another product, the Jing Gong M4. The Jing Gong M4 is one of the most popular Airsoft guns for beginners, and allows new players to own a reliable, high performance Airsoft gun for much less money than the competitors. The Jing Gong M4 was also the original platform on which the Echo 1 M4 was based, a gun that quickly became one of the most popular Airsoft guns from an American company. Many other industry leaders have tried to follow suit, some notable examples are the “Sportline” models from Classic Army and G&G.
Nowadays there are many options for affordable Airsoft guns. Some of the higher end companies have dropped their prices or released new, more affordable guns. Many of the Chinese companies like CYMA and WELL have stepped up their quality and now produce more reliable Airsoft guns. But the original people’s gun is and will remain the Jing Gong M4. Back when Chinese companies were all but untouchable, Jing Gong stepped up production and made a viable, affordable Airsoft gun. When Echo 1 began to rebrand them (for the record, the Echo 1 M4 is now based on VFC and no longer has anything to do with Jing Gong) they became even more popular.
Jing Gong M4s come in many shapes and sizes, and now they are represented in quite a few price ranges as well. What makes them so great for beginners is that they cost under $200, have reliable gearboxes based on the Tokyo Marui design, accept parts from most major Airsoft companies, shoot hard and have good externals. Five years ago this was one of the only guns that offered all of these things for such a low price. Many AEGs from Jing Gong are available with metal bodies as well, another huge draw. Most guns from Jing Gong have these qualities, but the M4s have the bonus of being ideal for CQB or outdoor scenarios and being highly receptive to mods or accessories. Of course, it is also the standard rifle used by the US Armed Forces, a fact that has undoubtedly added to the gun’s popularity.
Jing Gong has continued to improve their M4s and the current incarnation sticks with the original blueprint of a reliable, high performance gun at an affordable price. The newest M4 fires 400FPS using .2g BBs and comes packaged with a 300 round magazine. It has a high torque motor and all metal gear box with durable components. It has an ABS plastic upper receiver with a metal barrel, stock tube and other metal components. The hopup and rear sight are both adjustable and the carrying handle is removable. It has a respectable fire rate of 500-1000 rounds per minute. In short, the Jing Gong M4 is everything one wants in an AEG, nothing more and nothing less. It is still one of the best options in its price range for all the reasons it originally was. Personally I trust them more than Sportline models as well, as Sportline models generally have downgraded internals.
The Jing Gong M4 is by no means the best rifle money can buy. But the Jing Gong M4 is quite possibly the best rifle for its price. New Airsoft players should definitely consider it and other AEGS from Jing Gong when shopping for their first AEG. It isn’t a bad option for experienced players by any means, and is a great option for those who want an M4 for their collection but don’t want to break the bank. Because they accept parts from most Airsoft companies, they can be upgraded to have the best performance on the field. Check out the full selection of Airsoft guns from Jing Gong.

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