Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Airsoft in California Has Been SAVED!! For Now At Least...

June 21, 2011. In a bright turn of events, the proposed California bill to make all Airsoft guns bright colors has been shot down. Our sport is safe for now. But don't get too excited yet, they are still trying to appeal it and put it through. If anything this is just a temporary reprieve, so it looks like all we can do now is play...or pray. Check out the article below or on Channel 7 here.


Despite support from the largest police department in the state, a bill to require air guns to be brightly colored died on Tuesday at the state capitol. During a packed committed hearing, lawmakers examined air guns to get an idea of how authentic they look.
The Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck testified in support of the senate bill. He says making B.B. and other air guns bright colors would prevent officers from mistakenly shooting at someone holding an air gun.
"So far, this year, 2011, 25 times my police officers have used deadly force. In two of those instances, suspects were armed with airsoft or other replica pistols. These individuals did not have to be shot," said Beck.
Manufacturers, sellers and airgun users successfully argued that the bill is a job killer and an illogical attempt to improve public safety. California already requires toy guns to be brightly colored.

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