Friday, May 6, 2011

Help Save Airsoft!!!


Dear Airsoft Enthusiast,

Our beloved hobby is once again under attack by politicians who have an incomplete understanding of the laws and regulations under which our hobby exist. California SB 798 was crafted as a kneejerk reaction to a tragic incident where a teenager was shot by a law enforcement officer after DELIBERATELY POINTING a "BB gun" at the the dark of night!

While we all recognize the utter stupidity of this action and agree with its Darwinistic ramifications, our wise lawmakers are seeking to protect the rest of us innocents by banning the sale, purchase, and commercial transaction of airsoft guns and other BB devices in the state of California unless the device is brightly colored in its entirety. Surely such coloration would have prevented this aforementioned incident in pitch black darkness...don't you think? No?

Even without considering the unfair punishment of hundreds of thousands of responsible and legal Airsoft gun owners in California in response to the actions of one stupid individual (I refuse to call him a "victim" as we are so wont to do these days...the victim is that poor policeman who had to use his gun in the line of duty), what is to prevent real dirtbags from coloring their real guns "brightly" in the commission of a crime so law enforcement officers will hesitate a split second, allowing said dirtbag to get off the first shot?

There are plenty of laws on the books regulating the sale and use of Airsoft guns, both federally and on the state level. These existing laws are specifically designed to make sure the user of the an Airsoft gun or other BB device treats their Airsoft gun exactly as if it were a real gun. To make Airsoft guns "brightly colored" is a major step backwards in terms of consumer protection, public safety, and law enforcement!

Below, you will find the following documents:

1) A document sent by Crosman Corporation to the California state Senator who sponsored SB 798:

2) A document sent to the Senator from SoftAir USA:

3) A petition letter for you to sign and mail or fax to Senator de Leon:

Please read these documents carefully as they will fully inform you of the circumstances surrounding this issue and the implications of this ill-considered legislation.

Voice your opposition to this bill by calling or writing to your local State Senator and assemblyman and the bill sponsor, State Senator Kevin de Leon:

List of California State Senators:

State Senate District Zip Code Directory:

Contact information for State Senator Kevin de Leon (bill sponsor)

Sacramento Office:
Sentaor Kevin de Leon
California State Capitol
Room 5108
Sacramento, CA 94248

Los Angeles Office:
Senator Kevin de Leon
617 S. Olive St.
Suite 710
Los Angeles, CA 90014


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