Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RC Product Of The Day!

If you are looking for the best High End RC Car or Truck around you need to take a look at XTM Racing! These awesome RC's are top of line and the XTM Racing Rail 1:8 Brushless Electric RTR RC Off Road Buggy is no exception!The XTM Racing Rail Brushless Powered Electric RC Off Road Buggy is the most impressive and innovative RC buggy in years! This amazing off-road buggy is built with characteristics and specifications of a full-size sand rail. The Rail's design allows it to have incredible stability and control while being driven in various terrain from dirt, to gravel and also to sand! With a powerful heavy duty brushless high torque motor this RC is able to be driven aggressively through high speed turns and at race speeds of 45+ mph! The electronics are cooled with 3 cooling fans to keep this powerful and pristine motor cool and help prevent over heating. Threaded aluminum shocks & adjustable suspension allow the Rail to take jumps and bumps at high speeds with ease and grace. The included MX-Sport 2.4GHz computer radio system from Airtronics is a high quality built radio that compliments and controls this RC perfectly. This radio features not only 2.4GHz technology, but 10-model memory, ABS braking, battery-less memory retention, and much more.

The XTM Racing Rail is any RC drivers dream. So what are you waiting for? Get over to now and make your dream a reality, get the XTM Racing Rail Brushless Electric RTR RC Off Road Buggy today!

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