Friday, March 25, 2011

RC Product Of The Day!

If you are into RC's and Helicopters then pay attention! Today we are featuring one of the best 3.5 Channel RC Helicopters around! Introducing the GYRO Metal Double Horse 9051 Eagle 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter! The Brand New GYRO Double Horse 9051 Eagle 3.5CH Electric RC Helicopter comes with the greatest advancement in Helicopter Technology, a GYRO. No more crashing, no more replacing parts, the GYRO has changed the Helicopter industry completely, making this RC Helicopter super easy to fly and maneuver. Great for people of all skill levels, this bad boy features a coaxial rotor a single rear rotor for precise movement and a GYRO for increased stability whether flying or hovering. This RC helicopter has a metal body making it strong yet light weight so you don't have to worry about breaking anything when you land it a bit too rough. It can go forward, backward, up, down, left, right and hover. What really makes the Metal Eagle stand out is the built in gyroscope making it automatically stabilize allowing you to focus on flying instead of trying not to make it crash. This product is ready to run, there is no assembly required. All you need to do is charge the battery and get 8 AA batteries for the transmitter and you are good to go. Get the GYRO 9051 Eagle 3.5CH Electric RC Helicopter today and take to the sky!

At 17 Inches long and with the diameter of the main motor at 18.5 inches long this 3.5CH RC Helicopter is the perfect addition to any pilots fleet! Easy to fly and tons of fun the GYRO Metal Double Horse 9051 Eagle 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter is one RC you can't pass up! Don't take our word for it though get over to now and check it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

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