Friday, January 14, 2011

New Airsoft Product Of The Day!

Get ready to fall in love with one amazing Airsoft Gun, our Airsoft Product of the Day will definitely not disappoint you. Introducing the ICS Electric Full Metal Galil ARM Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun!If you're looking for a serious airsoft gun then look no further than the ICS Electric Full Metal Galil ARM Assault Rifle. The second you hold this airsoft rifle you'll understand that this is the real deal. The full metal body makes Galil weighty and feel solid in your hands just like the real thing. Able to fire in both semi and full automatic firing modes you can pick and choose your shots wisely or go in guns blazing. The metal bipod will allow you to shoot in the prone position or prop the gun up with ease and when you're done using it you can flip it under the real wood handguard. With the folding stock you can shorten the length of the gun for tight situations or for storage. And you don't need to worry about running out of ammo anytime soon thanks to the 2 high capacity magazines that are included. A serious gun for the serious Airsoft player. Battery and charger sold separately. Get yours today!

With its full metal construction, metal bipod, real wood hand guards and 475 FPS, this awesome AEG is exactly what you have been wanting to add to your arsenal! So what are you waiting for? Get over to now and check out the ICS Electric Full Metal Galil ARM Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun!

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