Monday, January 31, 2011

New Airsoft Product Of The Day!

Get ready to fall in love with one amazing Airsoft Gun, our Airsoft Product of the Day will definitely not disappoint you. Introducing the Electric SRC AK47 Assault Rifle Full Metal Airsoft Gun!Designed by the Soviets in 1947, the AK-47 series of assault rifle is the most widely produced small arms to date. From the AK-47 to the AK-74, this assault rifle is in use by the armies of countless countries around the globe. SRC continues the AK-47 legacy with the SRC AK47 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun! The SRC AK47 Airsoft Gun comes standard with a solid metal body and a highly reliable and rugged SRC Gearbox design. This Great Airsoft gun is designed to handle the rigors of today's Airsoft battlefield. The adjustable rear sight, folding stock, and high end internals will help you handle even the toughest of conditions, while a high capacity 600 RD steel magazine and fire power of 330 FPS will allow you to hit any target! This amazing airsoft gun will help you dominate the airsoft field. So hurry and get the SRC AK47 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun today!

With its full metal construction, side folding stock and integrated flashlight, this awesome AEG is exactly what you have been wanting to add to your arsenal! So what are you waiting for? Get over to now and check out the Electric SRC AK47 Assault Rifle Full Metal Airsoft Gun!

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