Thursday, October 28, 2010

Airsoft Product of the Day!

Feast your eyes on the Airsoft Product of the day, the
Spring Black 8 Inch Barrel Magnum Revolver Pistol!

If you're a fan of revolvers then you will love this
8 Inch Magnum Revolver. This fantastic Airsoft revolver is one of the most realistic Airsoft guns ever made. This bad boy is able to do everything its real counterpart can do. It has a working hammer and can be fired in single action. In single action you pull the hammer back, the cylinder will revolve and you can pull the trigger to fire the gun. Just like a real revolver the cylinder swings out revealing 6 removable shells that act as 1 shot magazines which are loaded into the cylinder one by one. The Spring Black 8 Inch Magnum Revolver is made out of sturdy plastic so it feels solid in your hands. If you love revolvers then do yourself a favor and get the Spring Black 8 Inch Magnum Revolver, and from now until Monday, November 1st this great airsoft gun is 15% off!

Hurry and get your very own Spring Black 8 Inch Barrel Magnum Revolver Pistol at now, and make sure to use the coupon code "15%OFF" during check out to get this great deal!

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