Friday, October 1, 2010

93,000 Feet of Pure Toy Heaven!!

We would like to welcome you to heaven. Or at least our version of it anyway.
Our Beautiful New Warehouse
Imagine walking into a seeming regular warehouse, like the one above. Upon entering, you just see row after row of boxes from wall to wall stacked as high as the ceiling. You might think that this is just your regular, run of the mill warehouse. But in that you would be wrong. Let me tell you what you really see.

Toys, toys, and more toys. It is a veritable cornucopia of radio controlled toys and Airsoft guns as varied as your imagination. Walking down one aisle, you will see radio control helicopters of every size and design. Traditional and futuristic, military and commercial, even alien in origin, we have them all.

As you turn the corner, allow your eyes to feast upon the many varied styles of RC cars. We have Audi, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini and more, including Batman's Batmobile, police cars, and actual drift cars. Whether you are looking for the inexpensive to the expensive, electric or nitro, we have them all.

As you keep walking down the seeming endless aisles, you see rows of RC trucks, RC airplanes, RC tanks, RC boats, RC construction vehicles and more. As you finally get to the end of the radio control vehicles, you realize that you haven't even gone through half of this massive warehouse.

Airsoft guns and Airsoft accessories dominate much of the rest of the warehouse. Every gun you have ever dreamed of owning are included in the many rows of guns that we continually have in stock. We have everything from spring to electric to gas and CO2, pistols, rifles, shotguns, even sniper rifles. We have all of the accessories that you could ever need on the Airsoft field. We have masks, goggles, tactical vests, BBs, scopes and more. You won't believe your eyes as you look through the rows and see more guns that you have ever imagined in a lifetime.

That is just the warehouse, you haven't even walked through the rest of the building. As you climb the stairs and walk through doors to leave the warehouse, you enter the offices where all of the major decisions for our company are made. These are the offices where the owners Kev and Vic Kouyoumjian and the Vice President Ben Ibarra work their magic. When they aren't at trade shows all over the world from New York to Hong Kong, or landing huge corporate deals, or doing all of their daily workload, you might see them in their Lamborghini, their Bentley, or one of their other fancy cars cruising around, hanging out with celebrities, or chilling at the beach. Beyond that is our customer service area where we have a highly trained team of specialists ready to help you with any question you have about product or policy.

As you pass the customer service area, you will find yourself in our product showroom. All of our best products are there. This where we get the chance to show off our goods to corporate big whigs, news reporters, and other high profile people. This isn't your regular showroom, this is class. How the products are arranged and displayed, how the lighting hits the products, and the overall feel make you feel like you have stepped into somewhere special.

Leaving this room, you will take another set of stairs down to enter into our outlet store. Here we will have many of our products available to the public at low, competitive prices.

Well, there you have it. A tour of the new is an absolutely HUGE place. As an avid RC toy and Airsoft enthusiast myself, I can't think of a cooler place to be.

To check out all of the products that we have available for you, make sure to check us out on our website. Also check us out on Facebook for new product updates, hot new coupons, and for a chance to win in one of our many contests!

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