Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Airsoft Product Of The Day!

Get ready to be blown away with our Airsoft product of the day! This awesome Assault Rifle is perfect for any sure fire shooter looking to make a huge impact in any Airsoft game! Introducing the Electric SRC Sport M4A1 Rifle Tan Airsoft Gun! This awesome AEG has been improved where it really matters, with a whole new Gen.II metal gear box and new steel gears! This great Airsoft gun is back and better than ever and it lost no power in the process, with fire power of 390 FPS and it also comes with a 300 RD magazine to keep you firing instead of reloading! This gun also includes a collapsible stock and a integrated rail system, allowing you to completely customize the look and versatility of this gun giving you plenty of options for whatever type of battle you are in! The Sport M4A1 comes with a 8.4V rechargeable battery pack, a wall charger and 100 practice BBs, so you are ready to go right out of the box! Don't wait to long because a gun like this will go fast! Hurry and get the Electric SRC Sport M4A1 Rifle Tan Airsoft Gun now!

The SRC Sport M4A1 is a top of the line Airsoft Rifle and it is one of our favorites here at The realistic construction, the collapsible stock and high capacity magazine are just a few of the reasons we have quickly become fans of this awesome gun! Don't take our word for it though, find out for yourself! Get over to and get the Electric SRC Sport M4A1 Rifle Tan Airsoft Gun today!

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